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Call it the political equivalent of a deathdefying escape The Affordable Care Act pulled in nearly . million customers for , despite the Republican campaign to erase it from the books.

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The Colorado Opioid Safety Pilot focuses on replacing opioids with other alternative medications to treat pain. The EDs in Colorado that participated in the project decreased prescribing by over six months.

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Dr. Brett Giroir was confirmed to be assistant secretary for health at HHS via a voice vote this week, despite Democrats concerns that womens access to care could be harmed by his appointment.

The most recent budget legislation included a bill that expands Medicare reimbursement of telemedicine, which industry groups and providers say will push adoption.

MACRAs approach to reimbursing physicians is here, but many doctors and administrators are still trying to get a handle on how it works. Read on for tips on how to deal with this major change to the Medicare payment system.

The Bipartisan Budget Act, passed early Friday following a shortlived government shutdown, includes Congress most significant healthcare legislation since the st Century Cures Act.

RH will operate and manage the cilities in Washington, Alaska and Idaho, and UW Medicine will provide clinical and quality expertise. The two organizations said smaller community hospitals in the region are looking for partnerships with larger hospitals to support growth and quality improvement.

Investors are getting more active in pursuing changes at healthcare companies.

The National Quality Forum has waited more than four months for congressional funding, which accounts for roughly of its total budget.

Oakland, Calif.based Kaiser Permanente has its newest health plan acquisition in Washington state to thank for what might be its largest yearoveryear revenue growth.

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Public health leaders said the congressional budget deal passed Friday to fund the government sacrifices investments in longterm public health prevention.

This weeks earnings reports are likely to keep up with the current pace of financial releases, as at least a few health systems and one major insurance carrier unveil their balance sheets.

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