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In France, during the s and s, the mily was thought of in terms of its crisis, decline, or rupture. Some even spoke of its death. The rapid changes brought on by the strong economic, social, and cultural movements of the era explain this phenomenon. Yet the mily was everpresent and continued to play a major role in society, as numerous works of the time emphad Rmy ; R

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The Caribbean, with a population of about million, consists of a series of countries stretching from the Bahamian Islands and Cuba in the north, to Belize in the west, to Guyana on the coast of South America Barrow . The region can be ided by language with some of the countries speaking Spanish e.g., Puerto Rico, some French e.g., Martinique, some Dutch e.g., Curacao, and others

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The million Yoruba who live in southwestern Nigeria are one of the four major sociolinguistic groups of contemporary Nigeria. The others are the Igbo to the east, and the Hausa and Fulani to the north. Subgroups of the Yoruba in Nigeria include the Awori, the Ijesha, the Oyo, the Ife, the Egba, the Egbado, the Ketu, the Ijebu, the Ondo, the Ekiti, the Yagba, and the Igbomina. These subgroups ha

Research has consistently demonstrated that heteroual adults retain consistently and overwhelmingly negative attitudes toward lesbians and gay males. Heteroual adults commonly view this negativity as acceple despite political rhetoric lauding the contributions and multiple perspectives of an increasingly erse citizenry Kite and Whitley . The stigma, prejudice, and discrimination

The Hutterites are an Anabaptist group, along with the Amish and the Mennonites. Jacob Hutter founded the religion in central Europe in the middle s. The official name of the religion is the Hutterian Brethren. Today, they total about , members living in more than colonies. They are the oldest mily communal group in the Western world, but they consider the community to be more impor

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Any discussion of the Basque mily must begin by acknowledging that Basque milies can and do exist outside the Basque country. They differ even within the Basque country because sociological and political definitions are framed by the influence of two different states, Spain and France. The region known as the Basque country comprises an area of a hundred square miles about the of the sta

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Like other social formations of traditional Asia and Europe, Filipino society has, in the postCold War era, moved from being a predominantly agricultural society to a modern one. Economic transformations have brought new social changes as the concept of the traditional mily continues to be reinvented and transformed. Globalization has created international employment opportunities for migrant w

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The Amish and Mennonites stem from the Anabaptist movement of the sixteenthcentury Reformation. Members of the Anabaptist movement insisted that church membership involve a fully informed adult decision, hence many of them requested a second baptism that symbolically superceded their innt baptism. As a result of this practice their opponents called them rebaptizers or Anabaptists. The first adu

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Ethnicity has been defined as a milys common ancestry through which identity develops as a result of evolved shared values and customs McGoldrick, Giordano, and Pearce . The definitions of ethnicity, or the more functional term, ethnic group, consist of iniduals and milies who are members of international, national, religious, cultural, and racial groups that do not belong to

In Togo, a West African nation that lies between Ghana and Benin, the term mily is broadly defined. A mily is more than a husband, a wife, and children. Blood relatives of both spouses are considered part of the mily, and the extended mily embraces all relatives, living or dead. There is a strong cultural belief that ancestors, also called the living dead, are spiritually in contact with t

As in other southern European countries, in Italy, new mily structures are coming into being more slowly and in a smaller measure than in northern European countries and North America. These new structures include such patterns as cohabitation, extramarital births, single parenthood, and oneperson households. These countries are examples of the socalled Mediterranean model Laslett . At t

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The collapse of the Soviet Union in has been followed by years of economic, political, and cultural tumult with serious repercussions for iniduals and milies. As the country struggles to privatize industries and services, jobs have been lost, workers have gone unpaid, inflation has skyrocketed, crime rates have multiplied, and people have discovered that attitudes and skills that garnere

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Iran also known as Persia is a Middle Eastern country in Southwest Asia. The countrys official name became the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Islamic revolution of , which abolished the monarchy of the Pahlavi dynasty and eslished a theocratic republic regime. The population of Iran is approaching million female, with percent being younger than fifteen years of age

The Catholic Church traces its origins directly to the person and life of Jesus Christ. Therefore, any historical presentation of mily life as it relates to the Catholic Church must go back two thousand years to the very dawn of Christianity. Scholars of this early period point to a major role played by the mily in the life and expansion of Christianity. During the first three centuries of its

Since the s changes in population patterns and the economy have significantly affected Malaysian milies. Over those four decades, economic development, modernization, and ruralurban migration together altered mily ties and contributed to a more fragmented mily structure. There was a corresponding steady and noticeable decline in the average of the mily in Malaysia over the same p

and Japan have invaded the country often. The twentieth century also brought Korea tremendous upheaval, such as the Japanese occupation , the Korean War , the partition of the country present, and the foreignexchange crisis in . Korea and the Korean mily are both in a period of transition. The concept of the contemporary Korean mily dates

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Lying at the r southwestern corner of Europe, with million inhabitants and onefifth of the Iberian Peninsulas space, Portugal is diminutive in terms of population and territory, and comparatively homogeneous in ethnic terms. Yet it remains noteworthy for the variability of its social life, and no less so in marriage and the mily than in other social domains. Analysts of marriage pr

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Families in Canadamore so than in Britain, France, or even the Americasare characterized by enormous ersity, especially regional and ethnic ersity. Canada has historically been a society of immigrants and of regions. First, the Aboriginal, or native people, arrived from Asia about ten thousand years ago. They organized into complex national groups with their own distinct cult

India is a secular and pluralistic society characterized by tremendous cultural and ethnic ersity. It is made up of twentyeight states and seven union territories. There are eighteen different languages and more than dialects spoken by the Indian people. Indians practice many religions. Hinduism is the dominant religion in India, but through the centuries Indians have learned to coexist wi

In both ancient and modern Vietnam, the mily is considered the foundation of society. Grounded in Confucianism, the traditional patriarchal mily was viewed as the basic social institution in which the welre of the extended mily outweighed the inidual interests of any member. For Ho Chi Minh, the nations revolutionary hero, the security of the state was rooted in the sility of

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country measuring , square kilometers, lying in the central part of Europe. It was eslished in after Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech Republic has . million inhabitants, . percent of which are Czech by nationality. The countrys borders neighbor Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. The Czech Republi

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Switzerland is a highly segmented society. Marital behavior, orce, and fertility have varied significantly by language regions and religious denomination. In addition, regional differences in mily law and social policies, which are strong due to the rreaching autonomy of the cantons administrative and geographic units analogous to states or provinces, have played an important role in thi

American Indians are the indigenous peoples of the United States. According to archeological estimates, bronzeskinned women and men from northern Asia had been exploring and settling the Americas for , to , years. By the fifteenth century, descendants of these women and men from northern Asia had spread southward to populate both continents Nabokov . When Christopher Columbus arri

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Kalaallit Nunaat, the Greenlanders Land, is separated from the eastern Canadian Arctic on the west by Davis Strait, Baffin Bay, and Nares Strait, and from Iceland, on the east, by Denmark Strait. Through the ages, peoples from the northern parts of North America, Scandinavia, and Europe have migrated to Greenland, while others, most noly Scottish, English, and Dutch whalers, have freque

Compared to other industrialized countries, Israel is a milistic society. The countrys small permits relatives to live in close geographic proximity and have frequent personal contact. Holidays and lifecycle events are generally celebrated through ceremonies and customs that bring mily members together. Intramilial involvement and assistance from baby sitting through major fin

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Early marriages, a relatively small proportion of single men and women, and a high level of fertility have historically characterized the Hungarian population. The mily has traditionally played an important role in Hungarian society. The sociological and demographic analyses carried out during the s have shown that the mily is more important for people than other areas of life e.g., work,

Latvia is situated at the ancient waterway from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea via lands inhabited by Eastern Slavs. Because of its location, the territory has, since the twelfth century, been conquered repeatedlyby German crusaders, Russians, Poles, and Swedes. The principal inhabitants of the regionthe Balts, one of the ancient IndoEuropean tribes, and Livswere oppresse

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With a population of over eighteen million people, Ghana is the second largest country in West Africa. Since the s, Ghanas population has been growing at an annual rate of about to percent GSS . This increase is a reflection of high birth rates at a time of declining mortality. One consequence of previous decades of high fertility of Ghanaians is that the countrys pop

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To discuss First Nations milies in Canada is to simultaneously learn about a core concept of indigenous social organization and to come to terms with the legacy of several centuries of colonialism. The common sense notion of milya social unit comprised of husband and wife/parents and childis full of cultural connotations that render it ineffective as a way of understanding Fi

The word Bedouin is the Western version of the Arabic word badawiyin, which means inhabitants of the desert, the badia. Technically, the term refers only to the camelherding tribes of desert dwellers, but it has been applied in English to all nomadic Arabs Kay . The BedouinArab presence extends to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and elsewhere in the Mid

As with any large group, the . million Hispanic/Latino/Spanish milies in the United States comprise a socially erse population. Thus an analysis of Latino/a group composition and ersity challenges the tendency to use stereos. The U.S. Bureau of the Census notes, for example, that Hispanics/Latinos may be of any raceincluding Asian, Native American, European, African, or Middl

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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, with million inhabitants distributed throughout twentysix states and the Federal District. The official language is Portuguese. When the Portugueses arrived in , there were between two and five million Indians living in the territory. They spoke around one thousand different languages UnB revista . As frequently happens with those wh

The Scandinavian peninsula is made up of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Sometimes these countries are linked with the Nordic countriestraditionally including Finland and Icelandand in the late twentieth century these countries were sometimes linked with the three Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as well as England and Scotland. This entry will examine marriage and m

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Marriage and mily have always been considered fundamental social values among the Slovak population. Nearly percent of all inhabitants consider the mily to be the most important value in their lives European Values Study /. This feeling was formed under the strong influence of Christianity according to the last census in , of all inhabitants are Roman Catholic. Approxima

For most contemporary Egyptians, the mily remains the central and most important institution in their everyday lives. Few iniduals live independently from their immediate mily or kin, and singleperson households are almost unheard of. Iniduals of all classes constantly articulate and defend the importance of mily within the community and the nation. Issues relating to mily relations

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An increasing number of lesbians are choosing to become parents. Estimates of the number of gay and lesbian parents in the United States alone range from two to eight million, with the number of children of these parents estimated at four to fourteen million Patterson . Although more research exists on lesbian milies than on gay male milies, the lack of crosscultural research is nole

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The concept of the modern milyone in which biological parents give birth to, love, and nurture childrenwas introduced in Japan in the early twentieth century, after the nation opened itself up to international diplomacy under Emperor Meiji in . A nationwide registration system was eslished at the end of the nineteenth century under the Meiji government. Until that time, pe

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It is not possible to make accurate generalizations about an area as large and erse as Latin America. There are many different kinds of Latin Americans. This overview provides some on mily life in the Hispanic world, drawing mainly on the research done in a few key countries such as Mexico and Colombia, and with special focus on how the struggle for economic survival affects that l

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Greece, the birthplace of Western civilization, has a long history. Philosophy and the humanities have flourished there for more than , years. Greece is situated at the southeastern end of the European continent and has an area of square kilometers. Now a modern state, it has, according to the census, approximately million inhabitants. It is a member of the European Union EU. The

Peru has a population of million people, of whom percent are concentrated in urban areas. Poverty is a major characteristic, with half of the population in living in poverty. Even this striking statistic hides the extreme situations, especially in the mountains and rural areas of the Andes Mountains. According to data, percent of people in urban areas live under the povert

The population of Kenya includes fortytwo traditional ethnic groups CBS , which can be broadly ided into three groups the Bantu, Nilotes, and Cues. These three categories of ethnic groups are spread all over the country, and no particular group can be tied to one region. The regional boundaries do little to separate the similarity of customs and beliefs possessed by each group, owin

The mily is both the strongest social institution in Turkey and the foundation that supports the twin pillars of tradition and adaptation. The durability of marital unions, coupled with pressures for mutual commitment and obligation, contribute to this mily sility. In , for example, Turkey experienced a serious economic crisis, but despite severe levels of unemployment, rampant inflatio

Marriage patterns in contemporary Senegal derive from Islamic, Western, and local traditions. This situation, which has prevailed for centuries, results from secular borrowings from the Arab world and European colonizers. Senegal embraced Islam more than a thousand years ago, mainly through early contacts with traders from Northern Africa. The transSaharan trade did not survive French colonizatio

Argentine milies are a heterogeneous result of the many changes that have had an impact on their structures and dynamics. These changes have taken place both in Argentina and other Latin American and Caribbean countries in the last few decades. The socioeconomic crisis that has affected Latin America since the s aroused a growing interest in the study of its impact on mily structures and d

The concept of rural milies is, at best, a slippery one. This is because both aspectsmily and ruralare today continuously being redefined. Further, in taking an international perspective, how mily is defined varies regionally and from nation to nation. How mily and rurality are defined differs depending on the theoretical con as well. For example, feminist thinkers have

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In modern Western society, mily formation is based on regularly strong personal emotions, such as romantic love. Moreover, given that mily life is practically a synonym for private life, milies are the primordial social cons of and intimacy, as well as of love and solidarity. Nevertheless, although each mily operates in that essentially private manner as an intimate social gr

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The Republic of Indonesia, the worlds fourth most populous nation, has million people living on nearly , permanently settled islands. Java and Madura hold about percent of the nations population. Some ethnic groups with their own languages and cultures inhabit the nation, some numbering in the millions, some in the thousands. The national motto, Unity in D

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Asian Americans in the United States are a heterogeneous group of many ethnicities, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Asian East Indians, and Southeast Asians. They are neither a single identity group nor a monolithic culture; therefore it is more accurate to speak of AsianAmerican cultures Zia . Early Asian groups were voluntary immigrants, but after the Vietnam War, Southea

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South Africa, with its million residents, is a multicultural society with eleven official languages. Although most residents . speak an indigenous African language Xhosa .; Zulu .; and Sepedi , English is the language that most people understand Statistics South Africa . Family life must thus also be seen against the of cultural ersity and extreme socioeco

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French Canadian milies populate every province and territory in Canada; however, the trends and history of these milies are most clearly delineated in Quebec. Like other milies in the Western world, the Quebec mily has experienced profound transformations since the beginning of the twentieth century. Until this period, the Quebec mily had been marked by the historical circumstances of th

Afghanistan lies in Central Asia between Iran on the west, Pakistan on the east and south, and Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan on the north side. The Afghani population in the early twentyfirst century is estimated at about million people living in Afghanistan and as refugees in Iran and Pakistan. There are more than forty ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Pushtuns are the largest ethnic

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The first mily system in America was that of the native peoples. This was actually a kinship system rather than a mily system, for despite the wide variety of marital, ual, and genealogical customs found in several hundred different cultures, most early NativeAmerican groups subsumed the nuclear mily and even the lineage in a much larger network of kin and marital alliances. Kinship rule