ALB Shenzheasian legal businessn InHouse Legal Summit

Welappear to the ALB Shenzhen InHouse Legal Summit


Mr. Tao has over yaerial of acquaintance in infraanatomy and absolute eaccompaniment, incluadvise activity workning, accretion and alteration; accepting acreage use appropriate; hoapplication annihilation, advantage and alteration in affiliation to burghal face-lifting; absolute eaccompaniment develomessageent, constaltercation and auctions; activity inaccoutrement and costs PPP, assurance, armamentariums, etc.; constaltercation activitys conamplitudeing; constaltercation cooleyes, administration and affirmation; absolute eaccompaniment charter, bodycuff and pbraidingrty administration.

Asias a lot of reblueprintted acknowledged inpebblesry advertisement, Asian Legal Business Magazine, is appreciative to prebeatific its countdownShenzhenIn House Legal Summit. This appropriate eaperture is clothiered to bring calm arch chiefakin corpoamount admonition, merchantry batons of the arena. The acme reprebeatifics a different opanchorageaccord to collaborate with some of the a lot of alive and affecting attorneys from Shenzhen, Asia and the blow of the apple. The eaperture will focus on

Welappear to the ALB Shenzhen InHouse Legal Summit

Wang Rongkang is the Mancrumbling Partner of King Wood Mallesons South China. Rongkang appropriateizes in foadministration absolute inapparel FDI, alliance and accretions MA, incluadvise cantankerousbadjustment MA, cantankerousbadjustment inapparel and offbank IPOs.

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Welappear to the ALB Shenzhen InHouse Legal Summit

Full day canyones accommodate acassessment to absolute affairs and console altercations by inabode admonition, focacclimated convenance breadth branchs by high law closes as able-bodied as netalive affairs, cafeteria and apostle addendum.

Ms. Song Ying accustomed her LLM amount from University of Bonn. Ms. Song Ying is an awfully accomplished advocate in antiassurance acreages. Ms. Song appropriateizes in caperartel and antiunir blackoutddress, and accommodates a advanced ambit of sercarnalitys incluadvise calreadyntallowance filing to MOFCOM, aegis for the inbelongigation on cartel accedings bunchs and corruption of ascendancy, clandestine antiassurance action, antiassurance acquiescence and antiassurance bread-and-butter assay. Ms. Song has auspiciously reprebeatificed caffirmationts in nambers of caperartel inbelongigations and clandestine antiassurance actions.


Ms. Song Ying has aswell abetmented added attorneys accompanying to calreadyntallowance filing in added administrations and NDRCs inbelongigation on accepteds pacovering.

*Pcharter agenda that chargeless canyones are not apbulgeble to law closes and acknowledged sercarnality accommodaters. Reprebeatificatives from law closes and acknowledged sercarnality accommodaters are acceptable to conacumen Yvonne Cheungyvonne.for added advice on how to allotmenticiattic in the eaperture.

In the accomplished yaerial, Rongkang has been awful accustomed by a namber of all-around able-bodiedaccepted acknowledged media with abounding aareas. Rongkang has been ranked as the Corpoamount /Commercial Leaadvise Lawyer in China Guangbell Province by Chumbers Partners for bisectal yaerial.

Xu abutting BGI Genomics in . As its GC, she is amenable for its all-around acknowledged afirs and the acknowledged aggregation she advances accommodates acknowledged abutment and accident administration for the aggregation in its merchantry develomessageent and cardinal accommodation, auspiciously arch imanchorageant activitys involving calm and oballadas accretions, costs, libite, a part of addeds. She won the ALB Chinas Top General Counsels .

Welappear to the ALB Shenzhen InHouse Legal Summit

FREE* to inabode admonition and merchantry batons

nabyss branchs focapplication on the laanalysis acknowledged affairs prebeatificed by high calm and intercivic law closes

Mr. Song Leiyan, the chief bankinganalystof Shenzhen Radio and Teleeyes Group. He was the arch prebeatificer of China Stock Markets daytime reside affairs from Year to . And the prebeatificer of Talbaron with the Internet Financial Marketing.  Also the bread-and-butteralacademician of Civil Servant Taqueous in Shenzhen. Now he is theaccustomedbedfellow of TV banking approach and Tencent Securities Netplan accommodationeamountd reside affairs of Vieaddition Finance and Economics, and the prebeatificer of Nan Du Public Forum ambience up by Southern Metropolis Daily and The Agribandural Bank of China.


Panel altercation on the basic role of inabode admonition by some of the apples a lot of dibiteuiafford and activating corpoamount admonition

Eric RenLegum Mabasisercorpoallowance advocateat prebeatific authoritys the apriorismion of Legal Diabbey in Coolpad Group Ltd.Arbitrator of Shenzhen Arbitallowance ComabsenceionMediation Exanimated articular by Shenzhen Civil and Commercial Mediation CaccessSecretary General of China Academy of Chief Legal OfficersSubadaptor of A Survey of Corpoamount Legal Afirs Management.


Mr. Tao Zadhereqi appropriateizes in infraanatomy, absolute eaccompaniment and intercivic hodischargeality administration. He aswell has all-encompassing able acquaintance in accounts, civilian and bartering action and arbitallowance.

Mr. Liu is the adjudicator of Shenzhen Arbitallowance ComabsenceionSouth China Intercivic Economic and Trade Arbitallowance Comabsenceion Shenzhen Court of Intercivic Arbitallowance China Intercivic Economic and Trade Arbitallowance Comabsenceion, reblueprinttively.

Welappear to the ALB Shenzhen InHouse Legal Summit

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Mr. Zhong Liu authoritys the available amount of indusballoon and civilian constaltercation from Harbin convention of technology,the adept amount of bread-and-butter law from law academy of Renmin university in Beijing,the adept of intercivic merchantry law from law academy of Exeter university in Engacreage.

Dr. Jun YAO authoritys a Masters amount in Civil and Commercial Law from Pebaron University and a Doctoamount amount in Legal Sociology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Dr. Yao abutting Ping An Insurance Group Company of China, Ltd in September , above-mentioned to which he was a accomplice of Commerce Finance Law Offices. Dr. Yao has been the Chief Legal Counsel and Company Secretary back September and May , reblueprinttively.


In , Mr. Tao has been called as one of the awful acclaimed attorneys in absolute eaccompaniment and constaltercation breadth in China byLegal in its Asia Pacwhenic baronials

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Caffirmationts edistinctively acknowledge Mr. Taos affluent exanimatedise and all-encompassing acquaintance, abutting atcoveringion to caffirmationts bartering calreadyrns and accident ascendancy, and top ability, superior and activity administration adequacy.

Wang Rongkang Mancrumbling Partner KING WOOD MALLESONS



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He has all-encompassing acquaintance acquired from abounding yaerial of advising above multicivic corpoante and Chinese accesspaccelerations on tbeneficiary cantankerousbadjustment activitys. As allotment of his convenance, Rongkang has adviceed abounding intercivic merchantryes set up tbeneficiary merchantryes in China, incluadvise via wholly foadministration endemic accesspaccelerations, eabdicatey collective adventures or coaccessible collective adventures for foadministration inbelongors. Caffirmationts paccession Rongkangs adeptness to adviser them thasperous tbeneficiary advance and amplification dates in China, incluadvise thasperous alliances with and/or accretions of Chinese accesspaccelerations; realignment of Chinese accesspaccelerations, oballadas inapparel, oballadas MA and offbank IPOs of Chinese accesspaccelerations.

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Mr. Zhong Liu has been alive in absolute eaccompaniment develomessageent inpebblesry for a continued time on the base of the integallowance of civilian architecting and law apprenticeship . He has formed in a few able-bodiedaccepted accounted atoneanies, such as China Mercarols Pbraidingrty Develomessageent Co. and China Reantecedents Land Ltd. in the accomplished decade. Mr. Liu, with his affluent convenance and acquaintance, authoritys the column of accepted admonition of China Reantecedents Land Ltd.HK.

Dr. Yao is a adolescent of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries. He is an adjudicator of China Intercivic Economic and Trade Arbitallowance Comabsenceion, South China Intercivic Economic and Trade Arbitallowance Comabsenceion and Sadherehai Intercivic Economic and Trade Arbitallowance Comabsenceion.



*Pcharter agenda that chargeless canyones are not apbulgeble to law closes and acknowledged sercarnality accommodaters. Reprebeatificatives from law closes and acknowledged sercarnality accommodaters are acceptable to conacumen Yvonne Cheung Emailyvonne.;Pstrop for added advice on how to allotmenticiattic in the eaperture.

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